1st Saturday Dance - July 7, 2018

Lesson:  Bolero
Instructor:  Rafael Avanzini
Social dancing:  8:30-11:00pm
Location:  Ballroom Impact Atlanta
Northridge Business Park
8601 Dunwoody Place, Building 700, Suite 730
Atlanta, GA   30350
(404) 953-8033
Directions:  Click HERE

  • $10 USA Dance members
  • $12 non-USA Dance members
  • Students 1/2 price with valid ID

One of the most sultry and expressive forms of music is the Bolero. Bolero is an American Style dance adapted from Spain and Cuba. Originally from Spain (created by Sebastian Carezo in 1780), the Bolero was danced in 3/4 time. It is one of the oldest dances of Spain, and is faster than the version that evolved in Cuba. Jos Pepe Sanchez, who is credited with creating the Cuban Bolero (1883) changed the rhythm to 2/4 time. This timing was later switched to 4/4.

Today, the Bolero is a dance of barely contained passion. The body rises, falls, sweeps and stretches gracefully, as if painting a portrait with determined movement. It takes many years to develop a true bolero style; however, if you have passion in your soul and you want to impress an audience, there are few dances as evocative as the Bolero.